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Our Investment Philosophy

  • The first principle is to control risk. We do not believe that simply chasing return for return’s sake is warranted or healthy. Every fund manager can and will have a lucky period where they will have perfect timing or an unexplained period of outperformance. This should not be the basis of investment selection.
  • The second principle is that the risk of not being invested is a far greater threat to achieving financial objectives than investing at the wrong time. “Timing the market is far less important than time in the market.”
  • Without over exposing an investment portfolio to any particular sector, asset class, currency or geographic location, where possible it is our intention to encourage our clients to consider investing in a responsible and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) friendly manner.
  • We cannot be an expert in all things. We do not have the resources to make individual stock selections in an informed and responsible way. We believe it is far better to seek out those who are fully equipped to do this task.
  • Managing expenses is important but should not exclude consistent long-term performing managers from being part of a well-balanced solution. Sometime the best costs a little extra.
  • Diversification is a key tenant of all successful investment however this should not be at the exclusion of good performance. Establishing the efficient frontier, that is the highest required return for the lowest possible risk, is a valuable exercise in creating any portfolio.
  • Regular review of performance against plan is critical to ensuring success

Chartered Capital

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